How to prepare your coin collection for sale.

J. Austin & Company buys coins and banknotes from around the world. Before you bring your collection in for an appraisal, do not alter, clean or try to change your coins or banknotes in any way. Cleaned coins and banknotes sell for less than those in original condition. Coins and notes are valued using different various criteria. Part of that criteria includes rarity & condition, coins that have been cleaned sell for lower premiums because the condition will be downgraded significantly. Every day we buy a large numbers of coins including half dollars as late as 1970, quarters and dimes from 1964 and earlier, wheat pennies, buffalo nickels and most coins that are 1933 and earlier. If you are in doubt, bring your collection in. We also specialize in key date and common date Morgan dollars as well as gold $20 double eagles. We buy U.S. bank notes (mostly from 1934 and earlier) as well as foreign collectible currency and coins. If you have a question about a coin collection or banknote collection call us at 541-488-4312. If you want to research the value of Morgan Silver Dollars, please visit this site: you will achieve roughly 90% of the values mentioned here depending on the grade.

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