Inherited some odd gold? Recycle it!

Jewelry trends change almost as fast as cloths. That ultra hot and unique ring or bracelet from another decade is either worn out or timed out. If what you inherited just doesn’t fit your body or your style, we buy it so you can reinvest that energy into what matters in your life now. We recycle and repurpose everything from gold teeth, destroyed men’s rings, to diamond fantasy rings and 80’s chains. Clean our your house and clear your mind.

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‘New’ stock of Ancient Coins

Feel like you have seen everything? Reignite your passion for coins with these historic beauties of the ancient world. Each ancient tetradrachm, stater, and denarius tells a story of its time and place in the wild and emerging empires of the Greece, Rome and the fertile crescent. From $100 – 4500 you can own a literal piece of human history up to 2400 years old.

Silver Tetradrachm bearing the likeness of Hercules and Zeus, $455

You don’t need to be an archeologist to enjoy these coins, and these examples have been classified and graded for you.

American Gold and Silver Eagles are getting a New Face!

What do you think?

Lots of ideas and designs come out of the US Mint, what do you think of this proposed change to the REVERSE only of the gold and silver eagles ? I don’t like change in bullion unless its really attractive because bullion is designed to be standardized and stable and reliable. Its has been 34 years without change in the pattern, is it worth it? I for one am excited, if done very well technically these could be amazing and worth the upset. Canada does all sorts of wild things with its Maple Leaf and I think it hurts it long term, but a new pattern could be a positive thing in deterring fakes and exciting collectors. BUT only if done well on a mass scale. Read more here.