Perth-based explorer Lucapa Diamond Company has discovered another multi-million dollar, pink diamond at its Lulo project in the West African country of Angola.

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Gold Resilient in the Face of Stronger Dollar

Gold Resilient in the Face of Stronger Dollar

by Peter A. Grant

Gold continues to trade in a choppy manner within the range established early in the week. In light of some better than expected U.S. data this morning, the yellow metal is showing good resilience.

U.S. retail sales rose 1.3% in April, well above expectations of +0.8%. Not surprisingly, we are already seeing some upward revisions to Q2 GDP forecasts. The preliminary read on consumer sentiment jumped to 95.8 in May, above expectations of 90.0, vs 89.0 in April.

However, the stock market is less than impressed. The same is...

John Hathaway Warns Panic Into Physical Gold To Cause The Price Of Gold To Skyrocket

“We are seeing record inflows into gold ETFs.  I’ve been saying for over a year that there is very little gold vaulted in London to support that demand, so you are going to see a scramble for physical gold, which is what the ETFs have to have.  That, to me, is the big story.


Investors will buy an ETF and then they will see something like the Barclays ETF have a glitch and they will start to ask questions about whether synthetics or surrogates for physical gold are...

Determining if your Silver Flatware or Holloware is Plated or Sterling

When determining if your flatware or hollow ware is authentic sterling, simply turn it over and read the back. In the US since the early 1900s all sterling pieces will have the word “sterling” on the back. The following photo is an example:


The second most common markings found in the US are British Hallmarks. British Hallmarks give us more information on the piece than US Hallmarks.  British Markings will have an Assay marking indicating their closest point of origin as well as the makers mark and a letter or...

We Now Feature Knives & Axes Handmade by Master Weaponsmith Peter Szabo

We Now Feature Knives & Axes Handmade by Master Weaponsmith Peter Szabo

Each piece is made by hand using early European techniques that have long been forgotten by most. These durable knives and axes are made from hardened carbon steel and are tested to be combat ready.