Prices paid for diamonds are based on Rapport trading prices. Stones appraised with a GIA Certificate tend to get higher payouts than those done by unknown or low performing appraisers. We also maintain a list of diamond value recovery prices for local jewelers. This list is based on previous market experience of locals buying stones and reselling them. Stores with the highest percentage of value retained at trade in or resell rank at the top, those with the lowest fall to the bottom. In general private Jewelers such as Jon Thomas of Mount Shasta and Hart Jewelers of Grants Pass are at the top of the list while Chain stores with low quality over priced diamonds tend to gravitate towards the bottom. We offer the highest payouts on diamonds being purchased from the public, if we do not buy your stone, we will try to find a competitive offer in the aftermarket for your stone. Currently stones over .50 of a carat are strongest with payouts in comparison to other stores being almost double for quality stones 1.75 carats and larger.

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