US Coins

US coins we buy include all silver US coins 1964 and earlier. Proof & Mint Sets, .999 Silver Eagles, 40% Ike Dollars, Morgan silver dollars, Peace dollars. Indian head pennies, Large pennies, three cent pieces, Buffalo nickels, Liberty nickels, Standing Liberty Quarters, Seated Liberty Quarters, Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Seated Liberty Halves, Bust Halves, Trade Dollars, Gold $1, $2.5 $5 $10 $20 gold pieces. The list of what we buy is almost endless. Call us if you have a question.

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    • It would depend on the date, modern errors are not very sought after as a rule, also how dramatic the doubling/error is.

      • It has a “D” stamp but it has another “D” but connected from the top left part of the original “D”and goes into the neck of the president on the dime

  1. We don’t work with modern error coins. Modern error coins are very plentiful and inconsistent in price. You can market it yourself if you take good pictures and research the real prices, I see them selling from $10-$20 dollars regularly. Have fun, you have a good eye!

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